Self Wash - You Wash, We Clean!  Bellevue Pet Adventures will also offer self-service dog wash stations featuring comfortable and pet-safe tubs and sprayers. The self wash area is staff monitored for your questions or needs.

Self Wash includes:

  • Specific shampoo and conditioner/detangler according to hair/skin type
  • Facial scrub – helps minimize tear and mouth stains and deodorizing
  • Tubs for the largest to the smallest of pets
  • Towels and high velocity dryers
  • Tables and various brushes.



Extra small dogs (tea cup breeds) and cats  $8
Small dogs (toy and small breeds)                 $10
Medium dogs                                    $12
Large dogs   $15
Extra large dogs      $18

Please call for special pricing for service and therapy dogs.
Other grooming needs can be purchased ala carte:  Nails, ears, anal glands

Bellevue Pet Adventures grooming services will exclusively use Tropiclean products.  These soap-free, detergent-free shampoos and conditioners use oatmeal and coconut as natural cleaners, kava for detangling and papaya for color enhancing.  Pet’s coats are left silky and shin, without residue from harsh chemical cleansers.  Even Tropiclean’s packaging is 100% biodegradeable These products will also be available for retail sale at Bellevue Pet Adventures for those who wish to clean/groom their pet at home.