Puppy Train and Play Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
A fun program designed for puppies that promotes safe socialization and obedience training.

Who can participate?
Any puppy under the age of 1 year. They must pass a temperament evaluation before the start of the program.

Are there requirements?
Yes, just like the day care program, your dog will need to be up to date on their vaccines: Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. We also require the dogs to pass a temperament evaluation, and we require you bring your dog 3 times per week.

What’s involved?
A healthy mix of free-play, structured play with group games, and one-on-one training time. You will also receive fun emails that will give you updates on what we are working on, report cards on how your dog did with our activities, and pointers on how to continue training at home!

What training is involved?
Each puppy will start at a level they are comfortable with, but the levels of difficulty are the same for each dog – meaning there is a standard “grading scale” for each behavior we are going to teach. The training portion is not limited to just obedience – we also teach your dog general manners like not to jump on people for greetings and that waiting patiently will get them what they want faster. The behaviors we will work on include but are not limited to: Sit, Down, Stay, walking nicely on leash, coming when called, and a few cute tricks. We have some super fun games to help maintain the things they learn. 😊 The list of behaviors can grow and change, so if you have any requests please let us know! We use force-free training methods for the Puppy Train and Play Program (if you would like more info, please speak with our trainer!)

How do I sign up?
There is an application for each puppy that provides us with background information on any prior socialization and training they have had before – that will need to be filled out and returned to the manager, so they can review it. Once it is reviewed, the manager will contact you and set up the temperament evaluation at a convenient time for both of you. Click HERE to download the application!

Should I bring anything?
You are not required to, but here are some things to keep in mind: we will use treats during the training parts of the day so if your dog has allergies we recommend you bring your own (a Ziploc baggie of kibble will work just fine), if your dog normally eats a lunch you can bring that (lunch time for puppies is at 11am), and if you have any “equipment” you normally use for walking your dog you can bring that for the times we are working on Loose-Leash Walking (example: a harness you only use for walking).

What is the cost?
The cost for the program is $360 per month (for 3 days per week), to be paid at the beginning of each month. If it is not paid by the 5th of the month, your dog can potentially be suspended from the program until payment has been made.

Hopefully this answered your questions! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!