Boarding at Bellevue Pet Adventures

Dogs who stay at Bellevue Pet Adventures while their owners are away, will be treated to an overnight experience that maximizes comfort, safety, and cleanliness, as well as fun and relaxation. We want your pet to think he is on vacation too, without bankrupting yours!

We offer 50 kennels in a variety of sizes in order to suit the needs and sizes of all breeds. Pets from the same household are welcome to share a single spacious kennel.   


We offer

4 x 6 foot runs - perfect for 1 large, 2 medium or small sized dogs

6 x 8 foot runs - perfect for 1 or 2 large, 3 medium or small sized dogs

8 x 8 foot runs - perfect for 2 or more extra-large sized dogs

2 x 4 foot cozy cottages – perfect for 1 small or 2 tiny sized dogs (10 pounds or less)


All runs feature six foot tall private living spaces with tempered glass doors.  



All dogs boarded at Bellevue Pet Adventures will be evaluated to see if they enjoy off-leash play with a group of dogs.  This will help us plan play-time options appropriate for your animal, including possible boarding play-groups.  If you know your pet does not “play well with others” please advise us during the consultation process.  Your pet may be better suited for a private play time.

All play times are included in the price of boarding.

All medication administration is included in the price of boarding.



Next to safety, Bellevue Pet Adventures prides itself in its high sanitary standards.  We have chosen state of the art kennel design which includes a patent pending impermeable seal between kennels that will keep accidents from seeping into the next kennel.  With dedicated boarding staff – meaning staff that is hired for the sole purpose of taking care of the boarding animals, not moved from department to department during the day – animals are allowed potty breaks frequently and monitored for the accidental mess. 


Physical, Social and Emotional Well Being

Dogs staying with us will have regular opportunities to stretch their legs and burn some energy.  Your pet’s emotional well-being will be nurtured through physical activity instead of being confined to its sleep area the entire time.  If your pet cannot play with others, we have areas devoted to private play.  



                             1st dog            Each Add (same enclosure)

4 x 6 run                      $40                  $22

6 x 8 run                      $40                  $22

8 x 8 run                      $45                  $30

Cozy Cottage              $30                  $10