What vaccinations does my dog need?

  • DHPP - Given at least one week prior to check-in; renewed every 1 to 3 years.
  • Rabies - Given at least one week prior to check-in; renewed every 1 to 3 years.
  • Bordetella -   Given at least one week prior to check-in; renewed every 1 year.

Am I responsible for delivering proof of vaccinations before I arrive?

Bellevue Pet Adventures will call your veterinarian to verify vaccination dates so you don't have to chase down paperwork yourself. HOWEVER, if you are making reservations with less than 48 hours notice, or if there are circumstances which prevent your veterinarian from providing shot records, please be prepared to scan/fax/email or deliver these documents to us yourself. 

What is Kennel Cough (canine cough)?

Canine cough is a fairly common ailment in dogs. People tend to associate it with dogs who have recently been boarded (or "kenneled"). However, your dog could contract canine cough anywhere they come into contact with other dogs; such as, the groomer, the veterinarian's office, in dog obedience class, at a dog show or any other dog related event. Any time your dog is in the vicinity of an infected dog, the potential exists for infection. Canine cough is caused by a number of airborne pathogens, and is highly contagious. The incubation period is about 7-10 days, meaning your dog will not display symptoms of illness for about 7-10 days following exposure to the virus.

How do I prevent my dog from getting canine cough?

Vaccinating your dog with the Bordetella vaccine can help reduce their risk. However, be aware that your dog can still contract canine cough even if he or she has been vaccinated. There are many strains and mutations of the virus, making it a hit or miss whether the vaccine used on your dog will be the right one for the strain with which your dog comes in contact with. This is similar to the "flu shot" for people; each year a vaccine is developed based on which strain(s) are suspected to be most prevalent. Simply put, having the flu shot does not guarantee you won't get the flu and when your dog has a Bordetella vaccination it doesn't guaranteed he or she won't get kennel cough. A strong immune system is best defense against viruses. This is why several dogs could be exposed to the kennel cough virus but only one may actually contract it. 

Will you give my dog their medications?

Of course! We can give any form of medications as specified. Please make sure all medication is clearly labeled and dosage instructions are included.

What are your policies regarding dogs from the same family, can they stay together?

We will always keep dogs from the same household together, unless otherwise instructed. It is our experience that dogs from the same family like to remain together throughout their stay, whether in the play areas or in the same kennel. Additionally, we offer lower rates for dogs that share the same kennel!

I have a new puppy and need to go out of town, at what age can I board my pet?

Your pet should be at least 4 months old. The reason for this is because they need to be current with the series of distemper/parvo vaccines as well as rabies and vets will not give a rabies vaccine to a dog under 4 months old.

Am I required to have my pet spayed and neutered prior to boarding?

Bellevue Pet Adventures does not require your pet be spayed or neutered prior to boarding, however, we do not allow unaltered dogs to participate in group play. We also cannot board a female dog when it is in heat.

Is there a specific type of collar my dog should wear to daycare?

No. All collars are removed before dogs enter playtime. However a snap collar makes it easier to dress your dog when they are excited to see you.  Always remember to bring your dog into the building on a leash!

Can I take a tour of the facility?

Absolutely! In fact we encourage it.  

What happens if my dog gets sick or injured?

In the case of an illness or injury, Bellevue Pet Adventures will make every attempt to contact you or your emergency contact. In the event that no contact can be made, BPA will assume the role and seek veterinary attention. We will make every effort to use your veterinarian, however we reserve the right to choose the veterinary clinic of our choice if your veterinarian is unavailable. In this case, all veterinary costs incurred will be the responsibility of the owner.

What are your hours?

We are open 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm Saturday and we are closed on Sunday. We do allow pre-arranged boarding pickups and drop-offs on Sunday between 4pm and 6pm.

What is included in the daily rate for my dog?

Each room is private and includes a comfortable elevated bed with fleece blanket, a mat on the floor, and bedding and bowls. Dogs are walked for private potty breaks with our staff 5+ times per day. Boarding dogs will participate in complimentary daycare or private play depending on temperament.